How kids can #BeActiveAtHome – 6 fresh ideas for families

This European School Sport Day showed all the innovative ways schools and school children are keeping active and adapting to a “new normal” at school. But we like to think of European School Sport Day as being “more than one day”, and as a trigger of more physical activity and healthy lifestyle habits that can last a lifetime.

We know active schools are an essential part of this picture – but the home is another important setting. The Covid-19 lockdowns around the world have prompted many families to think outside the box to keep their children moving despite being stuck indoors or at home. Here are 6 fresh ideas on how to #BeActiveAtHome with your kids for the rest of this challenging year, which can instil healthy habits as we move ahead.


1. Household chores

Quite an obvious, but such an accessible and useful idea for physical activity! Combine a chore like cleaning, gardening or even cooking – if space allows – with a fun move or even a dance! Doing activities at home not only helps children get active, but also establishes healthy habits for their future.

2. Home exercise

Jumps, squats, lunges, push-ups and planks: exercising at home, even if you don’t have any equipment, is an option for everyone. Unleash your creativity and make exercise part of your daily routine – for example, you can create an “activity station” where kids can be offered to so some kind of exercise or play a game like twister or hopscotch.

3. Play

Playing games is the most fun way to be active with kids. Create an indoor or outdoor obstacle course and join in the fun of trying to conquer the course! There is no better motivation for kids’ activation than doing things together with or like cool adults.

4. Challenge

Try setting a goal and then learning new moves while practicing – for example, if a child aims to be able to make a headstand or a flip by the end of the school year, and keeps practicing regularly, you will notice how the progression towards this goal develops their coordination, strength and flexibility while also building a strong mindset.

5. Online exercise

From yoga, stretching and meditation to dance and daily workout programmes – choose from thousands of materials available online, there are plenty of family-friendly and age-appropriate options. Check out this free online resource with a big selection of activities for families, kids and grownups.

Many fitness bloggers and instructors are adapting to the “New Normal” situation and creating content to meet the needs of a COVID-19-restricted society. One of the most popular online yoga teachers, Adriene, has just recently posted an amazing playlist with a selection of videos for virtual learners.

6. Family exercise

If you are interested in long-term activation for your children, then make exercise a family priority. Kids learn the rules and habits established at home, so if physical activity is something that adults cherish and implement on a daily basis, their children are likely to follow them. After all, being active together is not only good for your family’s health, but also offers valuable time to bond!

Mental health and nutrition are also essential parts of a healthy lifestyle – get inspired by our free toolkits, which can be used all year round.