Spain launches European School Sport Day 2020 Challenge

Today, 1 September, Spain’s European School Sport Day (ESSD) National Coordinator Sport for Education and Health has officially launched an “ESSD 2020 Challenge” contest for all schools participating in the Day.

The ESSD 2020 Challenge is being organised in collaboration with international organisations, public administrations and organisations promoting sport and physical activity in different countries.

Sport for Education and Health initiated the challenge as a motivational activity for school children to keep active even with social distancing and other restrictions to their school-based physical education and physical activity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The challenge is to meet the World Health Organization’s recommendations for daily physical activity of one hour a day during the week of 21-27 September. It can be for individual students or groups, and also for classes and schools as a whole.

All students, from 3 to 18 years of age, can participate in the challenge at school or at home.

Every day the participants will have the chance to win a badge awarding them as an “Inactivity Killer Agent” and contribute to a collective class diploma. There is a different agent for each day so children will be able to collect seven different agent badges.

To register for the contest, your school must register as a participant in the School Sports Day on the official European website (

Spanish participants
Schools in Spain must also register using a registration form that is accessed through this link so that the challenge coordinators can allow access to the resources.

Participants in other countries
Please contact Sport for Education and Health directly if you are from another country and want to participate in the ESSD 2020 Challenge

Read more about the challenge in the document.