Reimagine school spaces as MOVEment spaces this European School Sport Day!

We invite schools all over Europe – and around the world – to explore the spaces around you and find new places for kids to #BeActive this European School Sport Day on 24 September 2021. Registration is open for events, big or small, that can get school children on the move for at least 120 minutes accumulated during the Day.

The theme of 7th European School Sport Day is ‘Transform a school space into a MOVEment space’ and is a timely reminder to build on what we learned in 2020: that outdoor spaces are safe and accessible places to keep children active during physical education classes, school sport, active breaks, recess, active lessons and other opportunities that can be integrated into the school day.

Teachers, students and school staff are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and look at both indoor and outdoor spaces potentially active spaces. By transforming these spaces for and with students to participate in sport and physical activity, we can play an important part in boosting their health and well-being, not only in PE lessons but also during long school days.

A brand new European School Sport Day inspiration handbook on creating MOVEment Spaces at Schools will be available soon and here is a sneak preview of its contents:

Setting the scene – we share the founding definitions of MOVEment Spaces, placemaking and physical activity terms.

Get inspired – we share a number of existing examples of schoolyard interventions, ranging from gardening to a complete schoolyard overhaul, fun games and activities, and slowing down traffic around schools.

Do – we share existing tools, games, activities that can be used by school staff and community activists to re-imagine and change the school space into a MOVEment Space.

Library of ideas, tools, manuals and resources.

Watch this space for updated and new resources for you to plan and stage your European School Sport Day events.

Register and event here and get ready to get your school on the MOVE!

Learn more about MOVEment Spaces, a concept developed by the International Sport and Culture Association, on the concept website here and on ISCA’s online learning platform.


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